Singer Jay Park will join the second season of the Mnet dance competition show “Dancing 9,” beginning in June.
He is set to be a dance mentor for the team Blue Eye.
“Jay Park is well known for establishing himself not only as a good singer but also as a dancer,”
said an official at CJ E&M, the company that operates Mnet.
“Since he is actively engaged in the B-boy scene, we thought he would be able to give helpful advice to the participants in the show.”
Even before he debuted in the boy band 2PM in 2008, Jay Park was a member of the Seattle-based B-boy crew Art of Movement.
Launched last year, “Dancing 9” was acclaimed for featuring talented dancers from a diversity of genres, like hip-hop, jazz, contemporary
and even traditional Korean dance.
“Dancing 9” divides participants into two teams, Red Wings and Blue Eye, with each team getting some big-name mentors.
Aside from Jay, actor Kim Su-ro is also on team Blue Eye this season.
The Red Wings will be led by veteran singer Lee Min-woo of the classic K-pop band Shinhwa, and Ha Hwi-dong, who was voted last season’s top dancer.
The broadcaster said more “master” mentors would be revealed soon. The first episode airs on June 13.
By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer
According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, Jay Park will release "Metronome" featuring Simon D
as well as a music video starring the two rappers on April 11.
A music insider stated, "It is a song that blends Jay Park's rap and vocals with Simon D's rapping.
Gray participated in creating the song, and Jay Park's new single is filled with AOMG's distinct color."
AN AOMG rep told Sports Seoul, "Jay Park will release his new single 'Metronome' on the 11th.
'Metronome' is the collaborative work of the AOMG family."
Another rep revealed that they're preparing to film for the music video and that Jay Park will not be doing any special broadcast activities.
AOMG artists will also get fans to know them better through the Mnet reality program 'Sagaji Show', which will air on the 15th
Jay Park gave a shout out to all of his supporters after topping Billboard's World Albums Chart with his new single album, 'I Like 2 Party'!

After posting the photo below on his Instagram, the idol took to Twitter to express his thanks, writing, "big thanks to everyone who supports my music and me as an artist!!"
For those of you who have been living under a rock, "I Like 2 Party" was previously picked up as the ending theme song for Will and Jaden Smith's film 'After Earth's airing in Korea, and was finally released as part of his single album on the 10th.

Congrats to Jay Park!