Jay Park will be mentor on "Dancing 9"

Singer Jay Park will join the second season of the Mnet dance competition show “Dancing 9,” beginning in June.
He is set to be a dance mentor for the team Blue Eye.
“Jay Park is well known for establishing himself not only as a good singer but also as a dancer,”
said an official at CJ E&M, the company that operates Mnet.
“Since he is actively engaged in the B-boy scene, we thought he would be able to give helpful advice to the participants in the show.”
Even before he debuted in the boy band 2PM in 2008, Jay Park was a member of the Seattle-based B-boy crew Art of Movement.
Launched last year, “Dancing 9” was acclaimed for featuring talented dancers from a diversity of genres, like hip-hop, jazz, contemporary
and even traditional Korean dance.
“Dancing 9” divides participants into two teams, Red Wings and Blue Eye, with each team getting some big-name mentors.
Aside from Jay, actor Kim Su-ro is also on team Blue Eye this season.
The Red Wings will be led by veteran singer Lee Min-woo of the classic K-pop band Shinhwa, and Ha Hwi-dong, who was voted last season’s top dancer.
The broadcaster said more “master” mentors would be revealed soon. The first episode airs on June 13.
By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer

Jay Park to release new digital single featuring Simon D

According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, Jay Park will release "Metronome" featuring Simon D
as well as a music video starring the two rappers on April 11.
A music insider stated, "It is a song that blends Jay Park's rap and vocals with Simon D's rapping.
Gray participated in creating the song, and Jay Park's new single is filled with AOMG's distinct color."
AN AOMG rep told Sports Seoul, "Jay Park will release his new single 'Metronome' on the 11th.
'Metronome' is the collaborative work of the AOMG family."
Another rep revealed that they're preparing to film for the music video and that Jay Park will not be doing any special broadcast activities.
AOMG artists will also get fans to know them better through the Mnet reality program 'Sagaji Show', which will air on the 15th

Jay Park thanks his supporters after clinching #1 on Billboard's World Albums Chart with 'I Like 2 P

Jay Park gave a shout out to all of his supporters after topping Billboard's World Albums Chart with his new single album, 'I Like 2 Party'!

After posting the photo below on his Instagram, the idol took to Twitter to express his thanks, writing, "big thanks to everyone who supports my music and me as an artist!!"
For those of you who have been living under a rock, "I Like 2 Party" was previously picked up as the ending theme song for Will and Jaden Smith's film 'After Earth's airing in Korea, and was finally released as part of his single album on the 10th.

Congrats to Jay Park!

Jay Park gears up for new release with jacket and tracklist for digital single album, 'I Like 2 Part

Jay Park hinted that there's 'big news' to come on his Twitter and it seems we now get to find out what he was referring to since an album image for his upcoming digital single album 'I Like 2 Party' has been revealed!
The digital single album titled 'I Like 2 Party' consists of 4 tracks including the title track, "I Like 2 Party", as well as "HOT", "Secret", and "Let's Get Back Together".
Most of the songs were written and/or composed by Jay Park himself, and the title track, if you remember, has been picked up as the ending theme song for Will and Jaden Smith's film, 'After Earth's airing in Korea.
You'll get to hear all of it with its release on the 10th, so stay tuned!


Jay Park to Sing Self-Written Song for Will Smith′s ′After Earth′

Jay Park will be singing for Hollywood top star Will Smith in his upcoming film.
On May 3, Jay Park′s agency Sidus HQ announced that "Jay Park will be singing the ending theme for the Korean release of After Earth, which is set to premiere on May 30."
After Earth stars Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, and Jay Park will be singing his self-written ending theme for the film, titled I Like to Party.
The collaboration happened after Will Smith personally sent a request to Jay Park.
The stars will meet up at the red carpet event for After Earth to be held on May 7.
In the meantime, Jay Park has been promoting his digital single JOAH, and recently released his concert DVD, the New Breed Live in Seoul.

CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi
Translation Credit : Erika Kim
Photo credit: Sidus HQ, enews DB


Jay Park Hilariously Handles Live Broadcast Accident

Jay Park experienced the charm of live broadcast when an accident occurred.
On April 27, Jay Park and 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon led a skit on tvNs’ Saturday Night Live Korea, where Jay Park played a Korean American whose Korean isn′t so great, while he was on a blind date with Heo Ga Yoon.

Although he tried his best to impress, Jay Park mixed up simple Korean words by leading a rated R conversation by mistake, catching Heo Ga Yoon off guard. Heo Ga Yoon tried her best to correct every inappropriate thing Jay Park said on accident, but as the levels of Jay Park’s language began to rise, Heo Ga Yoon left the table.
The other people, who overheard everything Jay Park said, became so appalled that one woman (Jung Myeong Ok) even dumped her cup of water on Jay Park’s face, Korean drama style.
However, a long silence ran after, surprising everyone on set, including Jay Park, as the skit was supposed to end with music playing.

When nothing happened, Jay Park continued to play his misunderstood and confused character, ad-libbing, “Why isn’t this ending? Where is the band?”
The audience and viewers alike applauded Jay Park’s save at what could have been a worse broadcast accident, saying, “Jay Park’s ad-lib was funnier than the skit,” “It’s a good thing Jay Park entered the SNL team,” and “He certainly fits the show.”
Meanwhile, 4minute was the host for the night.

comes back with JAY PARK as a new dark horse

SNL Korea, a live comedy show, comes back with its new crews. The first show of season 4 of SNL Korea will be started at 11pm Feb. 23rd. It’s been three months since season 3 ended last year.
SNL Korea consists of sexy humors, funny code, and fun satirizing comedy show. Many of celebrities were invited as hosts and showed their drastic changes. ‘Yeoido teletobi’, ‘Food X-file of LEE PD’, and ‘SNL Korea-Music Video’ drew sensational responses from the public with its straightforward expression.
Season 4 of SNL Korea will be more sensational. Live show will talk about a variety of issues in our society. There will be satirizing and parody without hesitation. The crews are ready to show exciting live comedies only for adults who are full grown.
There are new crews. Jay Park aka singer, Eunji Park aka entertainer, and Byoungjin Lee aka comedian. Among the new crews, we need to pay attention to Jay Park. He made a hit when he appeared as a host. He showed adult comedy, and then it became one of the most drastic comedies of SNL Korea.
On his music video called “Because I am a man”, Jay Park played a husband who was caught by his wife while watching adult videos secretly. On the cont for choosing a babysitter, he became a Korean New Zealander, and showed a funny comedy. He also made a hit doing featuring for Won miyeon’s song. At that time, the episode of Jay Park made the highest viewing rate of the season.
Jay Park was chosen as a main crew because he made a big hit when he was invited as a host. Sungmo Yoo, PD of SNL Korea, said “ Honestly, I was little bit worried when I gave an offer to him for being a main member, I knew that he is one of the Kpop stars, but I doubt that he might not be a good actor on my program. However, I became surprised after I worked together with him”
Yoo PD kept saying “Jay Park is very ambitious and so talented in comedy genre. I thought that
he showed such a great comedic talent through a cont of apple syrup with Shin MC at season 3,
and collaboration with singer Won. So, I offered him to be a main crew without any hesitation.”
Shin Dong-yeob aka ‘a god of adult comedy’ gave a favorable comment for Jay Park too. Shin said “Jay Park is one of the sexiest men, and I personally like him a lot. Jay Park will be loved by many people during this new season.” Shin continued to say “He can make an issue by acting with little bit provocative stories, but SNL Korea is trying to protect him and will find the most suitable character for him. We are trying to find a way to show his hidden charms to TV audiences.
Meanwhile, SNL Korea is a Korean style of ‘SNL (Saturday Night Live)’ which has been aired for 38 years in the USA. For the first episode of season 4 on Feb. 23rd, Minsoo Choi, a legendary Korean actor, will appear as a host.
MC Shin Dong-yeob, Comedian Chung songho, Chung Myoungok, Kim Minkyo aka an expert of gay acting, Kim wonhae, Ahn youngmi aka sexy queen will show up. Also, Kim Seulki, Seo yuri, kwon hyucksoo, Jin won who made his/her debuts via SNL Korea will show excellent performances. SNL Korea will be aired at 11pm every Saturday night.
TV report/2013.02.23

Busker Busker, Jay Park, Junghyun Park won netizen awards at Korean Music Awards.

Busker Busker, Jay Park, Junghyun Park won netizen awards at Korean Music Awards.

The 10th of Korean Music Awards announced that Busker Busker, Jay Park, and Junghyun Park were chosen as musicians by netizens.
A voting by netizens was held at the web site ( from 12MD, Jan. 29th to 12MN, Feb. 20th. Each of them won at categories of group, female artist, and male artist with the most votes.
Netizens awards this year were chosen among 52 teams consisting of 24 nominees in group, 21 nominees in male artist, and 7 nominees in female artist, and 56,106 of netizens voted.

The ceremony of 10th korean music awards will be held at Ax Uniclo, Kwangjand-dong, Seoul at 7pm, February 28th, and the official concert of Korean music awards will held from 6pm, March 1st at the same venue.
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JAY PARK-< SNL KOREA Season 4> became a main member for SNL Korea, and ready to show you a Super Fun

JAY PARK-< SNL KOREA Season 4> became a main member for SNL Korea, and ready to show you a Super Fun Night

A production sneak preview of tvn “SNL Korea” was held at CJ E&M Center located in Sangam-dong Seoul
on February 18th.
Shin Dong-yeob, Kim Seulki, Kim Minkyo, Chung sungho, Jay Park, Ahn youngmi, Chung Myoungok,
and Kim wonhae attended to this production preview.
tvN announced that SNL Korea, which had a reorganizing period since last December 29th,
will be aired again at 11pm KST every Saturday starting from upcoming February 23rd.
“SNL Korea” is a Korean style of ''SNL (Saturday Night Live)'' which has been aired for 38 years in the USA.
Korean top celebrities has appeared in the show as hosts every week showing drastic change and
their hidden charms, and drew attentions from the public.
Especially, “Yeoido teletobi”, “Food X-file”, and “SNL Korea-Musicviedo” showed satirizing,
parody, and humors only for adults over 19 which nobody has ever seen before from other prior programs.
Also, great team work leaded by Shin MC has made the highest viewing rate.
“Ahn Sanghee” who is a general manager said “Upgrade is done with our experience and know-how,
and Season 2 of SNL Korea will add more humorous code to prior 19 humor and satirizing of politics.
We will show you the best Korean comedy show ever”
NEWSEN/ February 18th 2013.


Jay Park reveals 3rd episode “Jay Park TV” Youtube webisode

Jay Park has released his 3rd episode for “Jay Park TV“.
Word of advice from Jay Park, “First of all, you never want to get drunk with your friends or don’t get too drunk and pass out.”