Jay Park joins his uncle fans for a drink?

A photograph of Jay Park joining a few uncle fans for a drink has recently surfaced the web and is grabbing the attention of many fans.
A netizen had revealed, “My uncle was having a drink at a street side bar when he recognized Jay Park and yelled out, ‘Wow! Park Jaebum.’ Jay Park then approached him with a bright face and poured him a glass of alcohol.”
The photograph taken at the scene revealed the artist casually sporting a Bulls Jersey and holding a glass, possibly submitting to the request of his elder uncle fans wanting to treat him to a drink, as a sign of respect.
Netizens responded to the photograph, “Can celebrities like this exist“, “I’m jealous of your uncle“, “Park Jaebum is carefree“, and “He’s a polite guy.”
In other news, Jay Park was recently chosen as a new member of the panel for MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘ alongside actors Kim Eung Soo and Kwon Oh Jong.
Source + Image: TV Report via Naver

Jay Park, Kim Eung Soo, and Kwon Oh Joong become newest panel members on ‘Come To Play’

Veteran actor Kim Eung Soo, Kwon Oh Joong, and singer Jay Park will be joining the cast of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘ currently hosted by MC Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee.
In addition to Eun Ji Won and Kim Na Young, Jay Park, Kim Eung Soo and Kwon Oh Joong have been selected as new fixed panel members of the program.
‘Come To Play’ will be doing away with their current corners, and will be revealing a few new ones, one of which will be led by the aforementioned new members.
The three recently wrapped up their first shoot that took place at MBC’s Dream Center on August 22nd, and Kim Eung Soo and Kwon Oh Joong reportedly drew attention after displaying their variety show skills.
Viewers who are curious to find out if the new members can bring new energy and vigor to the show can catch their first appearance on the program’s 400th episode to air mid September!
Source & Image: Edaily StarIn via Nate


Jay Park successfully concludes his encore concert with 5,000 fans

Singer Jay Park has brought his encore concert. ‘New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul‘ to a successful conclusion with a 5,000 member audience!
The encore concert was held on August 18th at the Olympic Stadium Hall, where Jay Park revved up the crowd by opening with his dance team, AoM, and 1LLIONAIRE before going on to perform other hits like “Enjoy the Show“, “Demon“, and “Abandoned“.
Fans were in for a romantic treat with live performances of love songs like “Nothin On You” and a “Turn off Your Phone“, which saw Jay Park rip off his shirt mid-performance. He also showed off a special dance cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean“, as well as made the crowd erupt in laughter over a comical parody of the ‘Batman‘ series.
Jay Park will now begin a hiatus as he prepares for his next album’s release

Jay Park releases dance practice video for “I Love You”

The talented Jay Park has released a new practice video for his track “I Love You” off his ‘NEW BREED‘ album!
According to Prepix, this is one of the first times Jay is unveiling the choreography after initially showcasing it a recent concert.
Jay is preparing to kick off his “New Breed Asia Tour” on August 18th and he gives his fans a glimpse of what they can expect on his tour.
The choreography is by Prepix Haw and the dancers include Prepix ( ill, wassup, joony, soo, yun) along with Prepix Trainees BWB ( Popping J, Crazy Kyo). Jay lives up to his title as one of the best dancers in K-Pop as he and his dancers effortlessly pull off the synchronized dance.


Jay Park releases MV for ‘New Breed’

The Korean-American artist Jay Park is back with a new music video release for his newest track, ‘New Breed‘!
‘New Breed’ showcases Jay’s trademark smooth rapping and a hip, urban sound. It’s the perfect track to rock out by yourself, or with friends at a dance club! Filled with Jay’s swag, his new release seems to be a sure-fire hit.