2013.09.06 Free Download [TRILL]
2013.07.10 Digital Single [I Like 2 Party]
2013.04.10 Digital Single [JOAH]
2013.02.13 Free Download [2013 Appetizer]
2012.05.16 Mix Tape [FRESHA!R:BREATHE!T]
2012.02.10 1st Album [New Breed]
2012.02.07 Single [New Breed Part.1]
2012.02.07 Single [Take HD Special Maxi Album] 
2011.11.03 Single [Girl Friend]
2011.09.05 Single [Demon]
2011.04.27 Mini Album [Take A Deeper Look]
2011.03.09 Single [The TASTE OF BENE ROMANCE] "커피를 마시며"
2010.10.26 Single [Bestie]
2010.07.13 Single [Nothing on you]

Participation Album 
2013.12.20 Double K [Nom] "Nom"
2013.11.21 Dok2 [Ruthless, The Album] "Handz Up"
2013.10.25 GRAY [CALL ME GRAY] "Dangerous"
2013.07.18 Kim, Hyun-Joong [Round 3] "Unbreakable"
2013.04.22 Leng Phe [Zonin'] "Zonin'"
2013.02.26 Mizz Nina [Around the world] "Around the world"
2013.02.14 The Quiett [AMBITIQN] "Gettin Rich"
2013.01.11 Dok2 [South Korean Rapstar] "Doin Great"
2012.11.01 NS YOONJI [If You Love Me] "If You Love Me"
2012.10.31 Primary [Primary And The Messengers LP] "Congratulations"
2012.07.16 EZIS [Invincible] "XXGirl"
2012.07.09 Yoon-Ha [Supersonic] "Driver"
2012.05.22 G.NA [Bloom] "Green Light"
2012.03.29 SBS Drama [Roof top Prince O.S.T Part 2] "Happy Ending"
2012.03.08 Prepix [Look To Listen] "First time" ,"Then I Saw you"
2012.01.16 Brian [ReBorn Part1] "Can't stop" 
2011.11.29 Movie [Mr. Idol O.S.T Part 1] "Summer Dream"
2011.11.29 The Quiett [Mr. Lonely Part 1] "Mr. Lonely Part 1"
2011.09.16 Cha Cha Malone [Single Life] "Single Life"
2011.04.19 Dok2 [Hustle Real Hard] "My Love"